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Established in 2012, Kai Zan is the brainchild of local sushi legends Melvin & Carlo Vizconde (also known as the sushi twins). With modern and traditional cooking techniques, the twins will create an Omakase dinner experience that you will come back for over and over again.

Meet the Business Owners: With over 15 years of experience, Melvin and Carlo Vizconde ventured out to start their own establishment, a place where they can express their creativity in the realm of creating tasty bites of Japanese inspired food. Kai Zan was born from that idea and now they are ready to show Chicago everything in their chef repertoire.


Kai Zan offers a one two punch with the culinary creativity of identical twin chefs Melvin and Carlo Vizconde ( Formerly of Kamehachi and Kizoku). Customers can state their personal taste preferences upon arrival and then take delight in the individualized maki and sushi creations. A true new way to do your traditional Omakase style meal.

Tobiko Sushi 1

( Fleetwood Plaza )

TEL: 604 572 5005
Fraser Hwy.Surrey BC V4N 0Y3

Tobiko Sushi 2

( Clayton Village )

TEL: 604 372 1331
Address:103-18818 68
Ave.Surrey BC V4N 6K2

Tobiko Sushi 3

( Campbell Heights )

TEL: 604 560 6399
Address:102-2711 192
St.Surrey BC V3Z 3X1

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